About Us

A digital marketing agency and
global automotive parts’ distributor under one roof
Auto Trading, Parts’ Distribution

and Digital Marketing Solutions

We are a compact conglomerate of a digital marketing agency and distributor/retailer of automotive parts with a copious capacity to outperform titans through technological prowess, progressive business ideals and empathetic client relationships.
Our aim is to triumph over the current sleazy industry standards with honesty and a client-first attitude.
Through our products and efficiency we are paving the way to become a global supplier and a major player in the auto parts industry, an industry thats ever evolving and growing with more demands than ever before.

Award Winning
Established Team

Branding, Designing, Animation, SMM.


Websites, Mobile Apps, E-Commerce, Sales Funnels, SEO.


Chassis, Engine, Transmission System, Body, Control Systems, Auxiliaries.


24/7 Text, Chat, E-Mail Support.

Our Mission

DigiWays strives to open up new channels of auto trading, distribution of automotive parts, and digital marketing solutions to big players and small businesses alike. We aim to foster strong connections with our clients, suppliers and business partners through sincerity, reliability and trust.

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

I’m a notary public with serious legal restrictions on how I can market my business. It’s a marvel how they maneuvered through the rules and regulations and came up with such a fantastic website for me. I get compliments on my business card in my circle all the time. Thanks, guys!

Aura Brooks

I got into power washing when I lost my job during the pandemic. I’ve never thought about starting my own business. These people are so friendly, helped me through every step. From some equipment and a hobby I never thought I could build a running business like this and make money every week. Amazing team, special thanks to Miles for motivating me.

Eve Crawford

Tried 3 different freelancers before someone recommended digi ways to me. I feel the difference between working with an individual and an experienced team. They were able to understand exactly what I was looking for. And what I got in the end was even better than I could picture. The whole reason why I was looking for a professional artist or designer for my logo. Excellent job on everything!

Jack Graham

I was paying every month for a website that made me no money. I didn’t feel like spending more money out of frustration. Then I talked to one of these guys. Their team is very professional and knows what they’re doing. They explained everything to me in detail before I made decisions. Now I have what they call a funnel and people are actually calling me and sending me emails everyday. It’s like I was never even in the business before. They deliver what they promise and make sure you understand it. 5 stars, brilliant job

Jack Graham

Real estate is getting more and more competitive. I needed something to stand out from the crowd but I didn’t know how to do that. They helped me with a unique logo that’s actually different. It’s so classy , fits with my personality, and makes me feel so much more confident introducing myself to clients.

Zak Reid

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together